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"A good designer gets married to the users’ problems. A bad designer gets married to his own solutions."-Tarun Kohli


Design is about more than making something pretty. Functional design means asking questions to uncover the problem and crafting multiple solutions to ensure functionality, accessibility, and transparency for all users. Analytics and usability testing should be used to determine a design's success.


While "pixel-perfection" (or em-perfection) is a standard for attention to detail, a designer should always consider function over form. Is a design usable and responsive across all devices? Can users navigate easily and without frustration? Understanding the user is at the center.


User testing and flows are pushed to the forefront so that valuable time is not wasted in development. A UI animation might be great fun, but it's far more important that the most valuable features are well-designed.


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Vela App

Weather Meets Water Sports

AbodeWell App

UX to UI Project

Mobile-First Design

Moonwalker Interactive

Graphic Design

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Pencil & Co.

Responsive Mockups

Tracking App Icons

Icon Design for Daily Tracking App

iOS Design

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Wordster App

UX Design Through Paper Prototyping

Delia's Website

Delia's Mexican Restaurant

Front-End Web Development

Fast Food Alexa Skill

Fast Food Alexa Skill

Voice Interaction Design


I’m a freelance UX designer with a background in teaching and coordinating activities. I have worked to create engaging experiences for ages 10-100, and I know the importance of keeping things simple and focused. I’m currently available for both freelance and contract work in the Chattanooga area or remotely.

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    English Teacher

    For six years, I attempted to use humor ("let's eat, grandma" vs. "let's eat grandma" --importance of correct comma usage) and engage 120 diverse students each year with authentic reading and writing experiences and instruction in digital literacy. After piloting an Ipad program, it became apparent that students needed to develop digital citizenship skills aimed at promoting a positive school culture and teaching students to make smart, ethical decisions online (and offline).

  • Woman bending over resident in wheelchair

    August 2017-Present

    Activities/Events Coordinator

    Have you ever called bingo and witnessed the trashtalk, the competition, and the good luck rituals therein? I engaged 90+ residents daily in a nursing home facility through life enrichment activities related to their individual hobbies and experiences--from bridge to Amish fiction books (yes, that's a real thing). I conducted in-person interviews with 3-10 residents weekly to assess their needs and satisfaction.

  • August 2017-Present

    Transition to School

    Through furthering my education at Career Foundry, I’ve not only learned in-depth data driven UX methodologies and practices, but I’ve also learned to take initiative and overcome my own fear of failing through over 400+ hours of revising and editing assignments and receiving detailed critiques through mentorship and tutoring programs.

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    April 2018

    Freelance Work

    Freelancing has taught me contribute and comment on others' work. Through going through the Tech Workforce Program, I've learned how to code my own websites and make designs a reality. Working with clients has taught me to balance deadlines, meet with stakeholders, sell the benefits of the work, and even guide feedback sessions.

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